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Snack food

  • Potato Chips Moisture & oil
  • Crackers Sprayed with Oil & Flavorings
  • Extruded Products Moisture & Oil
  • Corn Chips Moisture & Oil
  • Popcorn Sprayed with Oil & Flavorings
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels

Why Measure?

ROI is rapid with Users quickly benefiting from a more efficient drying operation resulting in fuel savings, less wastage and increased productivity. With specific regards to pharmaceuticals, moisture in the powdered product when it leaves the spray dryer is critical as it will impact not only tablet or pellet formation, but also the effectiveness of the drug.


The MCT 360 is available in either a powder coated cast aluminium enclosure or a stainless steel enclosure, MCT 360 FG, should the ambient surroundings be corrosive or should the gauge be required for a pharmaceutical facility. The gauge window is constructed from glass, kelF or sapphire. The enclosure is IP65 rated, and as such, is dust and splashproof but should conditions at the proposed installation site be deemed hazardous, the area classification needs to be noted and the appropriate gauge installed. Process Sensors currently offers an ATEX 22-MCT360 for zone 22 (hazardous dust), and MCT 360-Exd (hazardous gases).


A Snorkel Sampler or a Sample probe may be required for measurement within a vertical chute, and a sight window if product flows through inclined ducting or is contained within a fluid bed dryer. An airpurge diffuser is recommended if the environment is dusty, and a vortex cooler if it`s hot(> 50 °C). If there is discontinuous flow of product, one or two product loss sensors will enable the gauge to update measurements only when the gauge is viewing product.

Gauge outputs, Operator Interface & Display

The MCT 360 is available with or without a local operator interface or display as all the processing is carried out within the sensor head and the measurement is output via 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS232, RS485 or any bus. Installation time and effort is minimised by dispensing with a local OI, but should samples be collected for cross checks an OI is useful in this event, one could be simply plugged into the gauge at the sampling location.

In the event installation online isn`t feasible owing to; space constraints, lack of potential installation locations (owing to the nature of the production process) or the fact there are multiple measurement locations, an MCT 660 or MCT 660P can be used at-line or within a laboratory.

The Measurement

Gauges are delivered pre-calibrated wherever possible using customer samples or existing samples at our Production or UK site. Accuracy is application dependent, moisture measurements ranging from +/- 0.05% to +/- 0.5% , other measurements include oil, or organic content within an inorganic (non NIR absorbing material) material. Typically accuracy is better than for minerals or naturally occurring materials as there is less inherent compositional variation.

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