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Stationary Doserate Measuring System


  • Monitoring of areas: radiation rooms, offices, halls, passages, access doors, etc. to prevent and reminder to avoid harmful radioactive exposure.
  • The product signals optical and acoustic overcoming a preset threshold of doserate.

Main technical parameters:

  • Constructive features: external electronic block, detector connected by a cable of 10 m length;
  • Signaling: optical and acoustic. The signaling signs are incorporated;
  • Adjustable threshold signaling in the limits: 1 ╬╝Sv/h-50 ╬╝Sv/h. Standard threshold value is 5 ╬╝Sv/h
  • Response time: adjustable between 1s and 30s
  • Voltage: 220V ┬▒ 10% 50Hz
  • Maximum absorbed power: 10 VA
  • Class of protection IP 50
  • Ambient temperature: -15┬║C +40┬║C
  • Maximum weight: 1.2 Kg
  • Dimensions: 210x127x110 mm.

Terms of delivery

  • maximum 2 days.


  • 12 months from the date of delivery.

NOTE: The product is approved and has Radiological Security License issued by CNCAN.

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