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GammaScan Portal

The Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs), GammaScan LB112 model, produced by Berthold Technologies France, are used to detect the presence of the radioactive sources or contaminated materials in the vehicles loaded with various materials. The maximum travelling speed of the vehicle is 10 km/hour.

The measuring system consists of two detectors of higher sensitivity and an evaluation unit. The evaluation unit incorporates a lighted audio system alarm which is activated when the limit alarm is exceeded.
RPMs can detect gamma radiation with energy from 40 keV up to 2 MeV.


System configuration:

High sensitivity scintillation
The measuring is performed using two scintillation detectors of high sensitivity, photomultipliers, and integrated electronic components. The cases are made of steel and mounted on concrete posts, placed on each part of the access road.
The 25 liters detectors dimensions are 1000x500x50mm. The system is independent and does not require a dedicated computer. The basic unit can memorize up to 4000 measuring and can be connected via Ethernet to a local network, computer or printer.

The Evaluation Unit
The Evaluation unit does not require adding a transfer system alarm. Having the alarm incorporated, the personnel are alerted instantly in case a predetermined limit is exceeded. The evaluation unit is made of stainless steel with standard protection IP65; dimensions: 240x180x120 mm, with integrated audio lighted alarm.
Power: 220V c.a. ┬▒ 10%, includes 5 relays preprogrammed for alarming.

Infrared cells
Detects the vehicleÔÇÖs presence and switch to detection mode.


Standard delivery: 12 weeks starting the signing of the contract.

Note: The installation does not contain any radioactive sources.

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