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Why Measure?

ROI is rapid with Users quickly benefiting from a more controlled process, with fewer line stoppages, less wastage, highly consistent product, increased yield and lower fuel costs.


The cast aluminium MCT 360 is built to withstand adverse environmental conditions and will perform reliably under ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. An MCT 330HD is to be recommended when the ambient temperature just exceeds the 50°C maximum, or if the gauge is to be installed in a location which is frequently hosed down. This gauge can tolerate temperatures of up to 65°C without the addition of any cooling devices and is spray-proof. If the gauge is to be installed in an explosive atmosphere an ExD gauge is the safe solution.


Installations at high temperature locations may well require a vortex cooler and cooling panel. Product loss sensors are available should the product stream be discontinuous. A sight window will enable the measurement of product in enclosed ducts.

Gauge outputs, Operator Interface & Display

The MCT 360 is available with or without a local operator interface or display as all the processing is carried out within the sensor head and the measurement is output via 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS232, RS485 or any bus. Installation time and effort is minimised by dispensing with a local OI, but should samples be collected for cross checks an OI is useful in this event, one could be simply plugged into the gauge at the sampling location.

The Measurement

Typically moisture or % solids. Product Temperature is also an option. Gauges are delivered pre-calibrated using customer samples when possible.

Note that owing to the low density of some non woven products, it is necessary to install the gauge at an angle to increase the amount of product the gauge views and thus improve the signal level (this increases the effective pathlength).

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