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The cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator that accelerates particles with electric load using a potential difference of high frequency. A perpendicular magnetic field cause particles to move about in a circle so that it passes several times through the difference of potential which accelerates.

Positron Emission tomography-PET is a new method for medical diagnosis, very efficient, which allows obtaining images of morpho-functional high-resolution, based on a capture radiotracer depending on the metabolism of various organs and structures.

To carry out investigations by positronic Tomography there are required the following:

  • 1. Cyclotron to produce radioisotopes
  • 2. Radiochemistry laboratory attached to the cyclotron in which to mark and to dose the radiotracers to be used on patients.
  • 3. The installation of PET-CT to obtain PET tomography image correlated with CT, which detects radiotracers distribution in the body which the patient was administered.

Because of short half-life times of radioisotopes, the cyclotron and production radiotracers must find as close to the clinic is the investigation of patients, and the installation is PET-CT.

Rega offers specialized consulting to implementation of investment projects for cyclotron:

  • Develop graphic works (phases, timelines, responsibilities) for the entire project
  • Production Theme Design
  • Specialized consultancy in relation with:
    - Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
    - National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN)
    - Ministry of Public Health
  • Consulting with the Legislature in relation CNCAN
  • Technical documentation in order to obtain authorizations: Radiological Product Security, Location-Construct, Use, Transport
  • Drawing up the list of notices and authorizations required
  • Information for the establishment team of specialists who will operate the cyclotron and associated equipment
  • Preliminary economic calculations
  • Consultancy in relation with the manufacturers / suppliers of equipment type, cyclotron laboratory equipment related.

Company Rega can realize feasibility studies for investment projects for cyclotron:

  • Developing of the study theme
  • Develop feasibility study
  • The presentation and supporting the study in front of specialized committees
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