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Microwave Equipment

Micro-Polar Brix LB 565

An important parameter for the extraction of sugar is the concentration of the sugar massecuite. Measurement of the dry substance content, usually represented as Brix is absolutely essential in order to optimize, control and improve the sugar quality. Based on experience in process control, BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES provides products, which exactly match the instrument needs and expectations of customers producing sugar.

Principle of measurement

Microwaves penetrate the product to be measured, causing free water molecules to rotate, resulting in phase shift and an attenuation of the transmitted microwaves. Micro Polar Brix uses two parameters to determine the concentration while compensating for influences of different products and for variations in the purity of the sugar concentrate.

System configuration

Micro Polar Brix consists of the evaluation unit, the microwave sensor and a high frequency quad cable. The microwave sensor is available in two versions, as a batch pan probe without flushing device and as a continuous pan probe with flushing device.

Micro-Polar LB 566

An important parameter in many areas of process control is the measurement of concentration, dry substance or water content for optimization and control, as well as for improving quality. Interfering factors such as color, in homogeneity, deposits etc. should have none or only a negligible effect on the measuring value.

System configuration

Micro-Polar consists of the evaluation unit, the microwave sensor and a high frequency quad cable. The microwave sensor can consist of:

  • measuring cell of various nominal widths
  • container probe
  • container probe with flushing device.

MicroPolar LB 567/568

The LB 567 Micro-Polar 2 is primarily used for online moisture measurement of bulk materials. It is based on Microwave Moisture technology.

In case nucleonic bulk density compensation is necessary, our LB 568 Micro-Polar Moist is your right choice.

The system consits of an emitting and receiving antenna, an evaluation unit and a HF-quad cable, with a measuring and reference line.


  • non-contacting measurement: no abrasion of the sensors
  • highly accurate
  • multi-frequency technology
  • high dynamic range (85dB)
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