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Density measurements

Density Meter LB 474

The LB 474 DuoSeries density measurement system is the successor of the well known and successful LB 444. It is based on the proven 2-wire technology and is compatible to the LB 444 and the LB 44xx / 54xx detectors. The measuring system LB 444 is used for contactless, continuous measurement of liquids or bulk materials in pipes and vessels. It can easily be installed on existing pipelines without downtime. It works reliably and is unaffected by color, temperature, pressure, or chemical properties of the product to be measured.


  • Concentration measurement of acids, alkalis, saline solutions and suspensions
  • Crystallization and polymerization monitoring
  • Measurement of the solid matter content in slurry, in flue gas desulphurization suspensions, in aluminum production and in mining.
  • Determination of the bulk density in washing powder and clinker

User interface:

  • Operating Languages: English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Finish, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian
  • 3,5ÔÇť LC color touch display (320x240 pixels)
  • USB mouse / keyboard support
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Ethernet remote control

Power supply:

  • Wide range 100 ... 240 V AC
  • 24 V DC

Environmental conditions:

  • Operating temperature: -20┬░C ... +50┬░C

Inputs and Outputs:

  • LB 4700 detector interface (Fully compatible to the LB 44xx / 54xx detectors)
  • USB & ethernet ports
  • Monitored current output (4-20 mA) with user-defined mapping
  • 1 Error-relay (SPDT)
  • 2 Alarm relays (1x SPDT & 1x SPST) with user-defined mapping
  • 2 Digital inputs with user-defined mapping
  • Analog input 4 ... 20 mA, for temperature compensation

Diagnostic functionality:

  • Self-diagnostics according to Namur NE-107
  • Event log
  • Event counter
  • Change log
  • Data log

Software features:

  • Calibrate to density, concentration or solids content. Different algorithms apply. No need to calculate density out of concentration or solids content by hand.
  • Calibration: 1-point, multi-point
  • Process value and detector temperature alarms
  • Radiation interference detection
  • Source replacement notification
  • Simulation mode for all relevant measurement values
  • Up to 4 calibration curves
  • Compensation of product temperature variation (PT100 connected to detector or analog input)

Competitive arguments for LB474:

  • The 2-wire detectors don't need an additional power cable in the field.
  • The separate transmitter allows operation outside the radiation field.
  • The LB 474 can be operated locally without any additional devices.
  • The LB 474 can be operated from a PC via a simple ethernet connection.
  • The software of the LB 4700 detectors and the LB 474 transmitter can be updated from the control room via USB.
  • The advanced self-diagnostics of the LB 474 improves process reliability.
  • Only Berthold provides a fully DCS-compatible current output monitoring.

Advantages for the new system LB474 comparing to the old system LB444

  • Local operation per touch screen is much easier.
  • The LB 474 can be controlled remotely via an Ethernet cable from a PC (e.g. from the office). The same user interface is used as for local operation.
  • The diagnostic functions of LB 474 were implemented in accordance with the Namur recommendation NE-107 and include event-descriptions and aid instructions in plain text.
  • The LB 474 has our proven monitored current output.
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